Maggie's Fund

About Maggie's Fund

Maggie's Fund is named after and dedicated to Maggie (aka Margaret Ann), a Basset Hound/Border Collie mix. You can read about Maggie's story here.

Maggie's Fund began in 2008 as a Donor Advised Fund, held with Schwab Charitable. While this setup allowed us to meet our basic goals, it was sometimes a slow and cumbersome process to get funds to an organization that needed immediate help. Since Maggie's Fund focuses on high risk and urgent situations, time is not always available to wait 2-4 weeks for funding. In addition, there are other limitations placed on this sort of structure. We did not have the option to fundraise, meaning all donations had to be direct and from people familiar with Maggie's Fund. Payments are also restricted to 501c3 organizations. While most rescues and welfare organizations meet this requirement, it prevented us from performing direct rescues.

After several years it was decided that Maggie's Fund should convert to a true 501c3 non-profit. In 2014, the paperwork was filed and Maggie's Fund was granted charitable organization status. This has greatly expanded our ability to raise funds to further our cause and support rescues beyond what we could before.

Maggie's Fund continues to support rescue organizations as well as provide assistance in high risk and urgent situations. While we would like to be able to help every animal out there, we know this is simply not possible. Support is prioritized to local organizations, however we do at times support organizations outside our immediate area if the situation is urgent. A list of many of our donor recipients is available in our Media section. Please consider supporting these groups.

At this time Maggie's Fund does not provide assistance directly to individuals. Our focus is to help existing rescue organizations in the best way we can and in a way most needed - through financial support.

Maggie's Fund receives no grant money or government assistance and is almost fully self-funded, meaning a vast majority of our donations come from a small group of individuals dedicated to supporting our cause. We have recently partnered with several fundraising programs (Kroger Community Rewards, Great Lakes Script) in which we are able to raise additional funds, and from time to time we run small fundraising campaigns. And of course we are always appreciative of donations from the general public. For more information about our fundraising efforts, please contact us or to make a donation see our Donate page. Thank you for your interest in Maggie's Fund!

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