Maggie's Fund


Maggie's Fund is a 501c3 organization that can accept donations from the general public. We generally only accept monetary dontations, but from time to time we do accept donations of property, animal care good, services, and other items to be used in our auction fundraisers.

Maggie's Fund has no shelter and no paid staff. Nearly 100% of all donations go directly toward supporting our cause - our only expenses are minor office related expenses (paper, postage, envelopes, etc). All other overhead expensed, including office space, are provided at no cost.

Donations to Maggie's Fund may be tax deductible to you. Please consult your tax advisor. If a name and return address are provided, we provide acknowledgement letters to donors for your records. We will acknowledge anonymous donors if a return address is provided. (Please check with your tax adviser for deductibility of anonymous donations).

Donations should be made out and mailed to:
Maggie's Fund, Inc
PO Box 3164
Lexington, OH 44904

We appreciate your interest and support of our organization!

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