Maggie's Fund


Maggie as a tiny little puppy, the day after I brought her home. She was less than 5 pounds when we got here, and estimated to be about 5 weeks old. Her paws were huge!
When we got Maggie, she slept in a kennel at night. After a few nights we brought her into our room, but our room was tiny and the kennel wouldn't fit! So we set her up in a box for a few nights until we could make other arrangements. To this day she still sleeps on her back like that!
This is Maggie at about 4 months old, and 20 pounds. They grow so quickly! She started to grow into her paws but didn't grow into those ears until she was full grown!
Maggie loves to stretch out on the couch and relax. Here she is about 6 months old and well over 40 pounds. I don't know how that can be comfortable but she seemed OK!
Maggie's first winter! She absolutely LOVES running around in the snow, burying her face as deep as she can to sniff whatever she can find below the chilly whitness!
Maggie is usually NOT a big fan of other dogs being anywhere close to her, but here is a rare moment of her tolerating her brother Buddy laying up against her. Unfortunately Buddy is no longer with us, and Maggie does seem to miss him.
Maggie's first live Christmas tree! For some reason she likes chewing on the trimmings! Her brother Buddy looks less than amused.
In subsequent years, Maggie continued to love her winters. This is her taking a short break during a bit of a snow storm. The cold weather never really bothers her!
Sitting up of her "perch" with her brother Buddy a level below. She'd always wedge herself on the back cushion of the furniture with her arms hanging down. Silly girl.
Maggie chillaxing on the deck on a sunny summer day. She loves spending time outside, especially on nice days! She is lucky to have a deck that she can sit on and watch the world go by!
Maggie was less than amused with her halloween costume.
Maggie wearing the cone of shame after her ACL surgery. She was not a happy camper but she did a great job not messing with her stitches so she didn't have to wear it too long! Thankfully she made a fairly quick recovery and is back to about 95%!

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