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Maggie's Fund is a Donor Advised Fund operated through Charles Schwab's charitable fund program.  More information on their program can be found at www.schwabcharitable.com.

As a donor advised fund, contributions may be tax deductible for the donor, however the funds can only be distributed to qualifying non-profit organizations.  This partially restricts where the money can go, however most animal welfare organizations are set up to receive such donations. 

Maggie's Fund was organized in 2008 and was funded in early 2009.  Donations are invested in relatively safe investments in order to raise more money for our cause.  Additional contributions of capital are also planned. 

Being a donor advised fund, Maggie's Fund has no paid staff and all contributions and earning are used strictly for program support.  The only costs involved are the low fees charged by the Charles Schwab Fund for administering the account. 

The fund is still in its infancy, and outgoing donations are still rather small.  Our hope is that Maggie's Fund will some day be able to help thousands of animals, joining Maggie herself in being given a chance at life.