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September 8, 2009

The CAHS has posted a notice on their website to correct some points that have been conveyed by the news media over the past week.  We have reviewed this statement, as well as reviewed the original news stories, and Maggie's Fund stands by its decision to cease supporting the CAHS.  We feel the statement posted, while it did address many of the concerns, was more of a publicity statement and was written with a very "corporate spin" feel to it.  We also feel that the CAHS is still not fulfilling its own mission statement, which is posted right on their homepage.  Maggie's Fund feels that its support can be best used by other organizations that are truly dedicated to the cause of helping animals, all animals, in need.
(Kathy Lynn Gray.  Humane Society won't take pets for free.  The Columbus Dispatch.  September 2, 2009.  Pg 5B.)
(Mission Statement and Response Statement - www.cahs-pets.org)


September 6, 2009

It is with regret that Maggie's Fund announces that we are no longer able to support the Capital Area Humane Society, located in Franklin County, Ohio.  The CAHS has made some changes to its operations that we feel are contrary to the mission for which they were founded, and contrary to the goals of any animal welfare organization.  We feel their actions will lead to more animals being dumped rather than turned over to a shelter that could give the animal a second chance.  Maggie's Fund could not in good conscious support such an organization and will divert funds to other groups that we feel meet the needs of the community.   


June 28, 2008

Maggie got a brother today!  We took Maggie to a local shelter so that she could pick out her new sibling.  After several attempts, Maggie seemed to tolerate a small, pathetic looking beagle.  They spent a few minutes getting acquainted, and we decided he was the one.  The poor little guy was so scared that he wouldn't even walk inside the building, and hardly walked outside.  We got him loaded up into a carrier and headed home.  It took him about 30 minutes to move 10 feet once we got him inside, but after that he quickly went to task exploring the house.
The little guy weighed about 27 pounds, but it was obvious that he was skinny and malnourished.  His teeth were green and brown with filth and his breath was atrocious.  He is now a (probably too) healthy 45 pounds and months of hard kibble, rawhides, and toys have cleaned his teeth pretty well.  He got a clean bill of health from the vet (along with many shots and a much needed nail clipping).  As we got to know him over a couple days, we started thinking of names.  He is such a happy-go-lucky dog, and quickly makes friends with anyone he sees.  We decided to name him Buddy because he is just that - a buddy, a pal.  Even to this day, he is our buddy.
We don't know much more about Buddy than we did about Maggie.  The vet estimated him to be able 1 1/2 years old when we got him, so right about the same age as Maggie.  He was a stray found in the northern part of our county with no tags or microchip.  Why someone wouldn't try to find this little guy is beyond me.  He has become Maggie's companion, and is very loyal and loving to our family.  Everyone instantly falls in love with his cute antics and his laid back personality.  We only hope Buddy likes his new home as much as we appreciate having him in our lives.
Pictures of Buddy have been posted in the More Pictures section.


June 22, 2008

Because we knew nothing about Maggie when we got her, we had no idea what breed or breeds she may be.  Mainly out of sheer curiosity, we decided to find out what kind of dog she may be.  Genetic research has come a long way, and a dogs breed can now be determine relatively cheaply with just a cheek swab or simple blood draw.  These tests are not accurate enough to determine maternity/paternity, but look for certain markers signifying a specific breed.
We received the results of Maggie's DNA test today and have learned Maggie is mainly Basset Hound (which we figured), but there is also some cocker spaniel in there as well.  The Basset part was obvious as she got older because of her low, long body and silly front legs.  The cocker spaniel has become more obvious as she has grown older.