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This was one of Maggie's first days home.  She was so small, only about 5 pounds.  Well, small except for those ears!  Eventually she would grow into them.  She was a curious little pup.  Here she is checking out the strap on a bag.
Maggie's first couple nights home were spent sleeping in a box.  We tried to make it comfortable for her with some old towels and some toys.  Here she is snoozing away in her temporary bed.  The pink octopus was her favorite toy until she destroyed it!  She loves to sleep on her back even to this day.

Being a puppy, Maggie spent a lot of time napping.  But not at once.  She would take several naps a day, each lasting about 15 minutes.  We had an old mattress on the floor in one of the bedrooms with some old sheets for her to get on during the day.  The mattress was only about 7 inches high, but she had so much trouble getting up there!  Here she is, napping away with her chubby puppy tummy showing. 
Maggie has a nice yard to play in, including a nice sized play area where she can get up on the deck and look around.  Here she is taking a nap in the sun on the deck.

This is Maggie at a few months old, just waking up from a nap.  Notice she has started to grow into her ears a bit more, but those paws are still pretty big!
This is Maggie taking a break in the sun from playing in the yard.  Here she is at about 4-5 months old.

Here she is again laying in the yard, most likely after romping around chasing her toys and running around her favorite tree.  At times, even today, he ears appear too big for her head, but for the most part she grew into them.
As many dog owners can attest, a tired dog will sleep just about anywhere.  After a long day of playing outside, Maggie found herself a carpet remnant and an old pillow in the corner.  She proceeded to claim it as her own and take a long nap.

Here is Maggie just about full grown.  She absolutely loves to play in the snow, especially when it is powdery fresh!  In this picture, we had about 6"-8" of snow on the ground, but even the 22" storm we got didn't stop her.  In that storm, the snow was so high her head barely cleared the top, but that didn't stop her from barreling through it!
And after a long day of running around in the snow and being herself, Maggie lays down and calls it a day.