Maggie's Fund

Maggie's Story

Maggie had a rough start to her life. As a pup of only about 6 weeks old she was left in a cardboard box and thrown into a dumpster with two of her littermates. It was a hot, sunny June day in 2007 when someone dumped these dogs, literally throwing them away. Luckily a kindhearted construction worker heard the puppies whimpering and took it upon himself to save them. Unfortunately, the identity of this kind person is unknown.

This kind man took the dogs home and attempted to find homes for them. He was successful in placing two, but by the end of the weekend he had not found a home for the third. Not able to keep the dog himself, he turned to the local police station for assistance. Thankfully an employee stepped up and took the tiny pup home, however she was unable to keep her in the long run. She contacted us, and we readily agreed to give the puppy a good home.

The young pup was only about 7 weeks old and just 5 pounds when we brought her home. Not knowing what breed or breeds she was it was difficult to determine how large she would get, or even what she would look like. We started thinking of names for her and a few days later we settled on Maggie. Over the next few months she would grow into a great companion of about 75 pounds.

Sometime in April, 2008 Maggie turned 1 year old. We don't know her exact birth date so we celebrate the day we brought her home - her adoption date. Through her first year with us she was a loyal companion and has brought much joy into our lives. This is true even to this day. Hardly a day goes by that we don't wonder how someone could simply throw away such a sweet life when there are so many options such as shelters, rescues, and humane societies available. Even though these organizations are overtaxed, I don't know of any that would turn away a dog in need. The only answer is that someone was lazy and did not want to take the time out of their day to get the pups to a safe place.

Maggie's situation got me thinking. I have always wanted to help animals, and by taking Maggie in and giving her a good home I was able to help one dog. As exceptional as she is, she is still just one. I thought of how many thousands more dogs, and animals in general, aren't given a chance. I decided it was time to do more. Maggie's Fund, named after Maggie herself, was created.

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